What can you do?

Anyone reading this site has a different skill. It's obvious we need help to make this project work and you can help. All team members of PSTS like to think about the project as an open source project: who ever likes to contribute or bring in ideas is more then welcome.

When you live in The Gambia

* Talk to your friends, family, collegues, boss, teachers and community members about the benefits of Jatropha and more trees in The Gambia

* Keep us up to date with any tree planting in your area

* Mention this website in your emails

* Make a link to this website on your own website or blog

* Companies who are donating to PSTS will be mentioned on this website with a link to their website

When you are not living in The Gambia

* Make a donation to PSTS and contact us for the bank details

* Link PSTS to your website, we will link to yours

* Help us in the funding departement by introducing PSTS to funding organisations

* Buy a tree in the project that will have your name, the name of your child or your business, these names will also be mentioned on the website.

* Advertise PSTS on your website by mentioning a percentage of your sales as a donation to PSTS