After many years of preparation we are proud to introduce our Project PSTS to you. PSTS is going to make The Gambia green again by planting as many plants and trees as possible, together with all Gambians.

The Project Plants Stop The Sahara (PSTS) is set up, by Gambians for Gambians. We are all very concerned about the thread of the Sahara Desert that is approaching us fast. Our northern neighbour Senegal is already suffering from the devastating results of the desert climate. To all of us it is clear: WE HAVE TO ACT AND WE HAVE TO ACT NOW, but we can't act without your help; National and International.

This website will tell you all you need to know about PSTS. It's not only about tree planting, we go much further. We are introducing Jatropha Curcas, setting up income generating projects like beekeeping, education on invironmental issues and above all we are giving a helping hand to help the Gambian population to help themselves.

Project PSTS will work together with NGO's and other existing local organisations, the various governmental departments and other stakeholders.